Steve McNair’s Tragic Death

Steve McNairThis is truly a sad, but cautionary tale….McNair was a man who was a great athlete, and based on numerous comments, someone people admired and looked up to. Despite this, he failed to truly live up to the “character” he displayed to others….not unlike most of us.

His “secrets” were brought to the light on a national scale in a very dramatic, embarrasing and destructive way. The internal issues he fought with caused him to lose sight of the things that should have been MOST important to him – his wife, children, family & friends and the legacy he should have been cognizant of establishing for his sons and all other young men coming up.

The Bible reminds us it isn’t the beginning of a man’s life, but the end of his life that truly “tells” his story. I am truly sad for the many men that fall to these same destructive tendencies over and over. I’m sad that we don’t consider the far reaching ramifications of our actions BEFORE we decide to go down that darkened road.

I heard there was a discussion with several pastors on the radio, whether McNair’s soul went to heaven. Absent in the body, present before the Lord. It all depends…did he have time to repent for his actions before he actually expired? Was he trying to get his life back on track? We don’t know these things. Grace doesn’t exist after we leave this plane. Our hope is here. It’s now. Do we want our eternity hinging on a maybe.? I know many don’t. But most of us don’t consider these things before we make decisions that spell destruction.

I only hope other men…especially other Christian men will consider their end. How do you want to be remembered? Remember, whatever is done in the dark WILL eventually come to light. Light reveals it all. Light isn’t soft – it makes real and clear everything. Grace does not exist in the bright light of truth. Do we need to have compassion? Yes. But compassion without guiding one to truth – the fact that our lack of obedience to even the basic tenants of life will bring destruction – is actually hatred. If I really love you and care about what happens to you – I MUST tell you the truth. While you may not accept it, that’s your call to make. At least I have done my part and worned you about impending danger.

All my precious, misunderstood men out there. Wake up! You are special, loved and important. If you have a family, but are yet unfulfilled – consider your end. How do you want to be remembered? The sweet taste of another woman will eventually bring your whole world crashing down. It’s inevitable. It happens all the time. While you may be forgiven, just like Elizabeth Edwards so eloquently stated – it changed who she is and it changed who she and John are together. It is never the same. My wonderful, kind, loving, men – remember this. You are loved beyond measure. When life is difficult, we all – men and women – will struggle with “the grass is greener” ordeal. But rich or poor, white or black, the decisions you make, the actions you take, will determine your end.

It’s time for men to take a stand for their family. It is the only way families can truly be salvaged. You are perhaps the key component – not your job, your money, your stuff, sex, your looks – none of this – it is your presence, your love, your guidance your support that will build up your family, feed their soul so they can feed yours. We are interconnected – we need to build each other up, be each other’s back up. We have to love each other to wholeness.

If you’re broken – get honest. Get before someone with wisdom and share your heart. Wisdom is screaming from the rooftops! That wisdom-source will help you guide your way. Let down the pride and defensiveness and get real.

I know this was long and drawn out…but it’s a plea….a plea for our precious men. Be the man you know you CAN be. We’re rooting for you! We’re praying for you. Dont’ cause any more destruction than you have already. Get it right TODAY. 100 Important Life Lessons –

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