Excerpt From Best Selling Book Admired Man, Why? By Dr. Chris L. Hickey Sr.

13627_10202610217365771_6690590612690810846_nAnother excerpt from Dr. Chris L. Hickey Sr‘s upcoming Best Selling Book: “Admired Man: Why – The Making of An Admired Man.” © 2014 Dr. Chris L. Hickey Sr.

“A native of Inglewood, California, now a resident of Rancho Cucamonga, Terrell credits his father for teaching him to be a forward thinking man with the highest level of “honesty and integrity.” Now, thirty-four-years old, Terrell works as a pharmacy technician at a very large hospital not far from where he and his recently married bride reside. His bride of one year is a registered nurse at the same hospital.”

“My dad was the pillar of honesty and integrity. He grew up in a housing project in South Central Los Angeles and worked very hard to, what he referred as, ‘make something of himself,’ and be able to provide for his family. He was actually very smart both streetwise and academically. He made the very best of whatever opportunities were available, and he did everything he could to instill those qualities in my brother and I. Hardly a day went by that my dad did not get in a sermon to us about being honest and working hard for what you want in life. I mean for him there were no excuses.” I detected a smirk of reminiscence. “He did not want to hear it. If something happened to us that should not have, that was not at all our fault, he would respond, ‘you shouldn’t have been there for that to happen’ and then he wanted us to explain what we would do different next time for that not to happen, or anything like it to happen.”

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