Dr. Chris L. Hickey Sr Presenting at 3rd Annual Caribbean Healthy Fathers & Families Conference

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SPMG Media client  is on his way to Puerto Rico for
the 3rd Annual Caribbean Healthy Fathers & Families Conference.

For the first time he will officially be speaking about his upcoming book “Admired Man, Why? The Making of an Admired Man”. The book will be released in July 2015. Once we here from the publisher, we will begin taking orders for signed copies and will keep you notified of the upcoming Book Launch Event. Inbox your interest in both and we will add you to our interest list.

Dr. Hickey’s workshop “Admired Man, Why?: The Making of an Admired Man” is designed to inspire and encourage men to understand and embrace the personal Quality, Behavior and Characteristics (QBC) that inspire others to admire them, as a man. He explores L(ife)eadership Skills that facilitate the Quality, Behavior and Characteristics (QBC) Admired in Men.

Learn more at http://www.admiredman.com/


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