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RWN – Covering the Presidential Election Results
It’s that time folks! Election night and the moment that will determine our new Commander in Chief. 
As America has stood by to watch the name calling, party bashing, lies and innuendoes, this election has kept all of us tied to our televisions, radios and computers, as if it were well played reality show or soap opera. Reality show or not, we have come to that day where either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be elected the 45th President of the United States. 
Join the hosts of Real World News, Hot Topics Talk Radio and SPMG Media Presents as we follow the polls from across the nation as the results come in. We will be giving you a play-by-play of the results and our commentary LIVE! 
Listen and join the conversation Tuesday, November 8, 2016, beginning at 5:30pm PST/ 7:30pm CST/ 8:30pm EST, by calling (646)200-3148. Or listen from your computer and join the chatroom on Blog Talk Radio at–covering-the-presidential-election-results, or from our website at 
RWN Radio (HTTR Network) is sponsored by Shades of Afrika, SPMG Media, The Maryland Daily Examiner, and 9th Island Cultural Club of Las Vegas. For information regarding our sponsors, go to


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