2016 Election Autopsy


Well, we wake up to a new reality – President-Elect Donald Trump. How did we get here?

1. For starters, we didn’t listen to the overwhelming dissent from DNC supporters of Bernie Sanders. The people of the country are frustrated at the lack of growth, the say one thing and do another candidates and the Poverty Pimps (a la Najee Ali‘s book) that have kept a lot of the same happening in our communities. We underestimated the frustration and (via email proof), worked to engineer the primaries to Senator Clinton at our own peril.

2. The overwhelming DNC community worked from the premise that Hillary Clinton was next in line for support – and put their efforts there to support her instead of the voice of the people. This was the same problem with the GOP. In having their OWN agenda vs listening to the people, each party was dealt a death blow. Donald Trump wasn’t the GOP’s choice – he was the party’s people choice. Trump was better at hijacking the party.

3. Hillary Clinton provided her OWN self-inflicted injuries with the computer server choice and Clinton Foundation ethics. Honestly, she knew after the loss to Barack Obama that she would run in 2016. Secretary of State was a way to give her Foreign Policy experience. In that understanding, she should have been diligent in making sure her T’s were crossed and her i’s dotted – doing NOTHING to offer her opponents room to crucify her, knowing they would be keeping tabs on any and everything to attack her with in any future campaign. In the Wikileak emails, Colin Powell said it – she finds a way to f__ it up!

4. Minorities, women, Latinos, young people and the poor DID NOT turn out to vote – mostly because of the above, but to their OWN detriment. Most drank the Trump Kool-Aid. With the win of President-Elect Trump, the Senate and House, we will be dramatically moving towards an extremely conservative country. If we admired President Obama, if we were please with the programs he put in place for the everyday people – these will be dismantled and defunded in short order. Our frustration with the DNC is akin to burning down our own neighborhoods….now we have embers and rebuilding to do.

5. There is a blatant feeling of racism, sexism, etc. to our New America. Its on full tilt – and we didn’t do what we needed to do to stop it. So now we have to deal with it. Sober up, people and get prayed up and shore up your A-Game. No more waiting for help – With God and your OWN efforts, you’d better be your OWN help!

Now, let’s speak LIFE over every situation. This is an opportunity to walk in what we KNOW- not dwell in what we THINK. With God all things are possible….NOW IS TIME TO ACT LIKE IT.


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