This Brisket Is Temporary, Glory Is Forever


Forty-five-day-aged brisket. Cherrywood-smoked beef ribs and pork baby backs. Prime tri-tip from a sidewalk smoker named Lucifer. They can all be yours at pitmaster Ragtop Fern’s weekend pop-ups in Koreatown. Assuming you get there before other people who are hungrier than you.

These are the best ribs in Los Angeles.  Its only open on weekends.  Its Fernando and Carla.  Its in his front yard.  You can smell it a block away.  Its always a surprise- most of the time its pork ribs, but sometimes beef ribs, sometimes chorizo, sometimes brisket.  Even Beef Cheeks.  

Fernando makes the sauce, and its spicy sweet, really really tasty.

This is a guy who you feel his passion when you eat it.  He doesn’t want a restaurant because he is worried that he can’t keep the passion.  Try it.  But not when I go. – Anthony R.

Sat. – Sun. Noon, Ragtop Fern’s BBQ, 120 S. Westmoreland Ave., Koreatown


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