Is the Date Transitioning-to-Relationship Status Becoming Obsolete?

This is one of the main subject matters that will be discussed at Real Talk The Movement Los Angeles on Friday, Jan. 27th.

LOS ANGELES – Jan. 26, 2017 – PRLog — “There comes a time when we have to make the decision.. To look in the mirror, to want more, to make the change so we can be effective men and women,” says LaTonya Washington, Founder of Real Talk The Movement Los Angeles.

16265699_10211124879174177_4163233478015489752_nReal Talk The Movement LIVE Event goes down in Los Angeles on Friday night! This is a FREE Event! For more info on this event or to reserve seating please contact Keturah McClendon at:

FREE ENTRY! Get there Before 8:00pm and No COVER CHARGE!

New Location: THE CORK
6835 LaTijera Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Time: 8:00pm (in the secluded area)

Special Guests for this event include author of “Intimacy Unchained”, Shawn Bayonne and Relationship Coaches, The Amazing Clarks. We’re going back to what we know, intimacy, love, togetherness. As Shawn most profoundly notes… “Intimacy Unchained.”

12718253_10207404264957597_765489050365585270_nShawn “Midas Touch” Bayonne

Midas Touch/ Shawn Bayonne is a Houston-based Author, Inspirational Speaker, Poet, and a native of Natchitoches, LA. The love of poetry has been deeply embedded in him since boyhood, which began over 25 years ago, and it was then that “Midas Touch” emerged.

Though not a stranger to the stage, it has only been within the last year, that Midas has begun publicly performing his penned works to rave reviews by audiences in Houston, Louisiana, Georgia, and additional states via Facebook and Internet Radio.

A dedicated father of three, Midas prides himself on the idea that his words can resonate with a multitude of people. His poetry is not limited to one genre, topic, or life event. He believes that poetry can be found in all things, which allows him to have an expansive and sometimes divergent perspective. He consciously discusses all aspects of life, whether it be love, pain, anger, success, and the list goes on. Encouraging, Empowering and Uplifting words for all individuals, in the hopes of not succumbing to worldly views, can be found 35fd48_d7741802053d4211846c9756b6cbdc96-mv2throughout his pieces, as well as the finessing beauty of love, love making and the connecting of souls.

His first book entitled “Intimacy Unchained”, features a variety of his exclusive and unique pieces, and will be available for purchase on Learn more at

14963229_10157813708445473_4974460257348093898_nThe Amazing Clarks

The Amazing Clarks self-taught methods have taken them from TV Shows like Dr. Drew to Radio and magazines. Whether it’s a Congressman, to a platinum recording artists, Basketball Hall of Famers, Gold medal Olympic winners, Fortune 500 CEO’s, high profile actors and actresses, everyone is seeking out this dynamic marriage coaching duo.

Their goal is to create a Love Revolution where today’s progressive singles and couples consciously create the relationships that resonate with what they want and who they are instead of an outdated model that is no longer serving their needs. Learn more at

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