Super Bowl 51: How Much Are Players Paid for Winning and Losing?



According to the #AssociatedPress, CLEVELAND, Ohio – Winning Super Bowl LI is about more than hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons will also get a payout, whether they win or lose.

Not only that, NFL players receive bonuses throughout the playoffs.

Here’s the breakdown for each level reached:

Wild Card game (division winner): $27,000.

Wild Card game (non-division winner): $24,000.

Divisional round: $27,000.

Conference championship game: $49,000.

Super Bowl loser: $53,000.

Super Bowl winner: $107,000.

You know those players that say they’d rather not get to the Super Bowl at all if it means they’ll lose? Those players have probably won the Pro Bowl.

This year, Pro Bowl winners made $61,000, or $8,000 more than whoever loses on Super Bowl Sunday.




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