Auntie Fee’s Son Reveals Cooking Star Is Dead At 59

58cd31c3a647fb35e96d4bcfReports began swirling a few days ago that she passed away. However, those rumors went quickly corrected when someone close to Auntie Fee announced that she was only placed on life support when she suffered a heart attack.But last night (March 17), Fee’s son declared on Facebook that his mother has now passed. “Thank you for all the prayers and hope, It did all it can do and now god made the decision to take my mother home where its peace & Joy and I’m okay with that, She can finally be happy,” Tavis Hunter wrote.Read his entire note about his late mother below.
Auntie Fee first gained popularity in 2014 with her “good ass chicken” and “sweet treats for the kids” YouTube cooking videos. One of her most popular videos taught watchers how to take less than five minutes to cook a meal for seven people, while only spending $3.35. Fee would later appear in many cooking segments on multiple TV shows including “Steve Harvey,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”Our condolences go out to Auntie Fee’s loved ones at this time.



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