‘Saturday Night Live’ Will Go Live Coast To Coast For First Time


Jimmy Fallon will host April 15, Chris Pine on May 6, Melissa McCarthy on May 13 and Dwayne Johnson on May 20.

“Saturday Night Live,” enjoying a ratings bump since President Trump, one of its favorite satire targets, has taken office, announced Friday that beginning April 15, it will broadcast its shows live to all time zones in the United States.

“SNL” is typically live in the Eastern and Central time zones but delayed in the rest of the country, CNN explains.

Former “SNL” cast member Jimmy Fallon will host the April 15 show; Chris Pine will host on May 6; Melissa McCarthy, who will likely reprise her buzzed-about portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, will host May 13; and Dwayne Johnson will host on May 20.

“‘SNL,’ is enjoying its most popular season in two decades,” Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC entertainment, said in a statement, according to CNN. The shift will ensure that “everyone is in on the joke at the same time,” Greenblatt said.

On average, 11 million viewers have been watching the show each week, according to the Washington Post.

Earlier this week, NBC announced that it will launch a prime-time, half-hour, standalone “Weekend Update,” featuring “SNL’s” current “anchors” Colin Jost and Michael Che. The prime-time “Update,” which NBC said will also feature additional “SNL” cast members, will debut Aug. 10 at 9 p.m Eastern.

Photo: Melissa McCarthy Credit: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File



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