Who Are the NBA’s Most Charitable Players?


A lot of charity may be done for PR and tax purposes, but that doesn’t change the fact that it gives disadvantaged people a helping hand.

Often coming from disadvantaged families themselves, NBA players just might be a little more selfless than other celebrity philanthropists. Below are 10 recently active NBA players that gave back the most to their communities, whether through working with charity organizations or starting their own.


Russel Westbrook has his own charity called Why Not? Last Christmas, Why Not teamed up with Citizens Caring for Children to give 10000 of Oklahoma’s foster children backbacks filled with all kinds of Jordan prodcuts, clothing and books.


All the All-Star games Love has been selected to required him to join the other All-Star is helping the community hosting the All-Star game that year. Love has also donated to NBA Draftees Special Olympic Clinic, holiday shopping for kids and KaBOOM—a community event that helps build playgrounds.


Chris Paul and his family established the CP3 Foundation in 2005, a philanthropic partnership with The Winston-Salem Foundation in honor of his late grandfather. The CP3 Foundation highlights Paul’s dedication both to his grandfather’s spirit and to the Winston-Salem, NC community that nurtured him from his days as a stand-out high school student-athlete to a national star at Wake Forest University.


Shane Battier started the Take Charge foundation, which awards scholarships ($20000 and more) to promising students in Detroit, Houston and Miami. He also hosted an event called Battioke, where him and his teammates raised money for charity by singing karaoke. The photo above is from a commercial for the event – yes, he wore that ridiculous shirt in the name of charity.


After a big part of Oklahoma City got ravaged by a tornado, Kevin Durant reached out to Nike and got them to donate $1 million in relief supplies. He then teamed up with the athletic manufacturer to create a special sneaker, with all the proceeds going to the recovery efforts. He also donated over $150 000 to three separate organizations in his hometown


Being a hometown hero means Derrick Rose will take any opportunity to help his community. One of his most notable and heartwarming actions was to pay for the funeral of a slain Chicago 6-month old girl. He also donated $1 million to After School Matters, an organization providing Chicago youth with job opportunities.


Dwyane Wade is one of the most generous players in the league, always sharing his wealth with the community every chance he gets. When New York City got hit by Hurricane Sandy, the shooting guard donated all his earnings from a Friday night game to relief efforts. The same year, he donated $75000 and 20 iPads for a reding lab to the “By the Hand Club for Kids” in his hometown of Chicago.


During the last NBA lockout, the Golden State Warriors held a charity game at the nearby San Jose University, where Curry went off for a triple double. During his rise to stardom, he also founded the Stephen Curry foundation, which donates to Noting But Net, an organization combating malaria


As the face of the NBA, LeBron James has teamed up with numerous charity organizations to support a variety of causes. The LeBron James Family Foundation is so big and so involved in all kinds of selfless goals that it’s split up into several smaller organizations – Wheels for Education, Akron I Promise, Boys and Girls Club and The LeBron Advisory Board. One of the more notable things he did is donate $1 million to his high school to renovate the gym.




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