Beauty by Ambokile’: How To Make My Avocado Mask


Okay, so last week I introduced you to the importance of exfoliation and my Miracle Baking Soda Scrub for beautiful glowing skin. Exfoliation is simply removing dead skin cells from your surface layer and allowing your new skin to radiate! We also talked about the importance of using a sun block EVERY DAY. Vitally important for both HEALTH and SKIN radiance is drinking water daily. It will go a long way in providing the essential hydration your body craves and needs. Now, let us to move onto my simple regimen for skin hydration and moisturizing which is (drum roll) my Natural Avocado Mask which I generally apply once per week.

imagesAvocado Masks

I love avocados! Avocados offer nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in every serving, including potassium (which helps control blood pressure), Lutein (which is good for your eyes), and folate (which is crucial for cell repair and during pregnancy). Keep that in mind for health benefits, and for external uses try out one of my skin regimens below. But, right before applying any of the masks, open your pores by placing a warm washcloth over your face for 20 – 30 seconds. This will prepare your skin to absorb all the natural nutrients from your avocado mask.

Avocado Honey Face Mask – Dry or Wrinkled Skin: I like to simplify things and this mask is great for dry or wrinkled skin, is easy to make and uses only two natural ingredients which act as moisturizers, yummy avocado and honey. Take the insides of one fully ripe fresh avocado (not including the seed or skin), and mash it up into creamy pulp in a bowl. Add one tablespoon of honey and stir the mixture until it turns into a uniform paste. Apply to skin.

Oatmeal Avocado Face Mask – Damaged Skin: This recipe requires just a little more effort but acts as a great moisturizing mask and helps in restoring damaged skin, you’ll be happy you tried it.

Take 1/2 ripe avocado and 1/2 cup of oatmeal. Cook the oatmeal as per instructions in the label and mix it well with the mashed avocado (not including the seed or skin) until it turns into a pulp-free paste. Apply to skin.

Avocado Yogurt Face Mask – Moisturizer Plus: If you want to plus moisturize your skin then go with this mask. Plain yogurt (especially Greek yogurt with turmeric), works well for acne prone skin because it has lactic acid that kills bacteria. Plain yogurt is a little acidic and works to restore your skin’s pH balance. I’ll talk about benefits of turmeric in a following article.

Take 1/4 ripe avocado and mash it up in a bowl into a smooth paste. Mix in one teaspoon of plain, organic yogurt and 1/2 teaspoon of honey. Apply to skin.

For all of the masks above and after application, leave the mask on your face for 10-15 minutes or until dry and rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry your skin with a soft towel. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know how it works for you! Shine bright and let’s journey together!




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