Congratulations to 2017 Villager Award Recipients

“The Villager Awards” – Celebrating Those Who Lift as We Climb!
Photos and Video courtesy Eric Burroughs

This weekend hundreds of attendees turned out for the 2017 Villager Award Gala at the Long Beach Hilton, hosted by Afram Global Organization Inc, The Village P.r.o.j.e.c.t.s. to honor recipients for their 2017 Villager Awards.

Congratulations to all these exemplars of “Lifting as We Climb” – 2017 Villager Award Recipients as they are shown above preparing their official group photo:  Major General Mary Kight – US Air Force Retired, Dr. Gail Thompson, Rufus Thompson, Paula Wood. Rev. Dr. Leon Wood Jr., Melanie Luja, OShea Luja, Dr. Joseph Morris, Ivy Goolsby, Naomi N Rainey Pierson, Dr. Berenicedeaguiar Silva, Lynette Jackson, Eddie Williams.

The Village P. r..o.j.e.c.t.s is a project group of Afram Global Organization Inc.  Founded by Dr. Gloria Willingham-Toure, their mission is “To create environments in which persons from diverse circumstances and experiences can come together and co-learn with each other in a way that bridges the opportunity gaps, retains the respective cultures, and ultimately benefits society.”


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