Experience the Award-Winning Mentorship from Celebrity Family Education Consultant, Mrs.Queenie Johnson


What if the way you operated your business could transform your life and in turn, your children? I’m Mrs. Queenie Johnson, the Founder of The School for Brilliant Thinkers, and I’m here to help you make that happen. I’ve always believed in limitless thinking.

​Growing up as the oldest of five in a blended family, I learned about the power of ideas and manifestation early in my childhood. This combination of spirit, grit and confidence that my parents taught me about the difference I can make in the world is exactly what I teach other moms. I take an integrated approach by showing entrepreneurial and confident Moms like you how you can radically soar and create the future you always wanted by living your soul’s deepest calling.

My supreme goal is to help you up your personal game, while creating an environment where you can model entrepreneurship and genius not only in yourself, but in your child. Mama Be Brilliant Luxury Camp was designed to support you in mapping out your genius plan for both yourself and your child. I want to help you become a firestarter: a pioneer of God-Centered Leadership in your home, classroom or office

Everyone is called, A Few Respond.
RESPOND TODAY – http://www.mamabebrilliant.com/

Overcoming Fears with Queenie Johnson


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