Happy Birthday to SPMG Media friend, recording and performing artist, Rick Riso!


Rick has been a Recording and Performing Artist for over 3 decades. He has been a Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist and Producer on numerous Jazz, R&B/Pop and Gospel music recording projects.

His specialties: Studio Recording Session Singer & Voice Over Artist… Featured on over 250 Albums, Hundreds of Radio & Television Commercials, ( Levi’s , Albertsons, Ross, Mazda, Etc.), Dozens of Movies, ( Shrek 2, The Lion King, The Preacher’s Wife, Etc.

Rick is currently President/Owner of Riso Enterprises, Inc. a company that provides Corporate Voice-Over Representation, Online Tutorial Narrator, Music Production and Sonic Design, as well as creating musical compositions and vocal artistry for corporate, industrial and commercial usage.

In the video below from 2013, he sits down with Cathy Riso to discuss his history and songwriting process. He also shares suggestions, anecdotes, and observations of the songwriting process and the importance and copyrighting and registration of songs, royalties. Learn and enjoy!
Write up courtesy #SPMGMedia




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