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Public Relations – Digital Publications – Print Publications – Social Media Marketing

Targeting Local, Regional, National and International Markets

SPMG Media is the fastest growing boutique Media & Public Relations firm in the US. With experience in a variety of industries utilizing a unique blend of traditional Public Relations and new media marketing. SPMG is a progressive Media & PR Firm that knows how to reach your audience and does what it takes to get your public image where it needs to be.

Taking a unique approach, SPMG Media utilizes it’s publications (with approx. 1.4 million world-wide subscribers, and appx. 500,000 local targeted community subscribers) ), along with our world-wide media reach and our relationships with other media, to get your name and image out consistently to brand your image to your target audience. Whether your goal is to become an established expert in your field, brand your entertainment image nationally and internationally, get your message out to the world or simply drive more business to your company, SPMG Media creates customized strategies and campaigns to fit each individual client.

SPMG Media specializes in PR for small to medium businesses , as well as up-and-coming Actors, Authors, Athletes, Filmmakers, Models, Speakers, Sports Teams, Fashion Designers, Politicians, etc. We also develop and implement campaigns for hotels, events, entertainment venues, products and services.


Why not advertise and market your event, your brand or your product with one of today’s most influential digital newspapers!  Our views are found across the world – from Turkey to Los Angeles! Many of the major news outlets pick up their storie from us via our RSS news feed.  There is a world outside of social media on the internet, and we work our partner sites across the globe to ensure you get the exposure locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

  • SPMG Media averages 200,000 views monthly (A combination of direct site visits and social media impressions)
  • Unique URL visits average 100,000 + weekly
  • Page views average over 1.4 million weekly (overall SPMG Media)
  • Views range from: 21- 75
***These numbers vary weekly***


FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS to our digital editions. CLICK HERE


You choose ONE publication you want information promoted in. We include the content you provide about your event/product/service/business and promote with 1 – 2 photos via SPMG Media and the publication of your choice, our social media, SPMG Media blog site, eblast and via the digital publications. Beyond social media, we share with bloggers, publications and targeted organizations and media.

Social Media promotion 2x per week
Gina Johnson Smith profile: 5000 Friends, 2200+ followers
SPMG Media pages: 7,000
Christian Community Magazine (profile/page): 5017
Authors & Artists Magazine (profile/page): 5557
Inland Empire Community News (profile/page): 3770
South Bay Community News (profile/page): 3287
Los Angeles Community News (profile/page): 3030 (23,000+ on FB alone!)

Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ (more than 10,000 through these social media sites)
Promote to targeted 300,000 through email eBlast 1x per week
Promote through SPMG Media digital publications and websites.

Ad size is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. We will let you know sizes available at time of purchase.

FOR ADVERTISEMENT – All advertising $198, except Full Page $210 month. Directory Listing is FREE!

(2) Article Written & Distributed – $175.00

Topical articles written that include you, your product/event/service/business is an effective way to create earned media (free media).  A Nielsen study in 2014 found that earned media is the most trusted source of information in all countries it surveyed worldwide. It also found that earned media is the channel most likely to stimulate the consumer to action.

You provide us with your website and information about you, your product/event/service/business and we write an information article that ties to your information. We tag you/your product/service/business in the article, which is search engine optimized to key words that help your audience find you in search engines.  This is an effective way to market and drive more sales. This article is marketed through our digital publication(s), social media, article portals, E-Blast, etc.) to more than 500,000 target audience.

To Begin Service, PAY HERE, then we will forward a paid invoice with details.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us (909) 942-0388.

If you need assistance with display ad design, let us know. There is a design fee of $50, but you will own the artwork going forward.

SPMG Media
385 S. Lemon Ave. #E236
Walnut, CA 91789

Classified (no photo) – FREE 25 WORDS

How to you start?

1. Submit your payment here CLICK HERE
2. Submit your ad copy to us at spmgmedia@gmail.com, leave a message at (909) 942-0388 and tell us you have emailed your ad copy.
4. If you need help with creating ad copy, email us and we can help you for $50 additional.
5. Complete our Ad Agreement (download this form: http://issuu.com/smithpublish/docs/advertising_agreement_11.01.11 ) and email back to us at spmgmedia@gmail.com

From there we will take care of the rest! Your ad or article will run in the:
a. Digital Editions (Distributed via eBlast to  businesses and residents)
c. SPMG Media Social Media ( SPMG Media page and profile, SPMG Media and Twitter, SPMG Media Instagram, LinkedIn, Myspace, Pinterest and Google+)

If you haven’t established an effective online presence, let us help you TODAY!
Contact us at spmgmedia@gmail.com or 909-942-0388.

Additional Services

Social Media Sponsorship – $95.00 Monthly (4 posts per week – 16 per month)
MOST ECONOMICAL WAY TO MARKET CONSISTENTLY –  Your rate includes our personalized statement about your event/business/product/service, along with 1-2 photos, with a link included to the website of your choice. Your endorsement is included on FB (we have more than 10 pages there alone!), Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and our SEO (search engine optimized) WordPress sites that serve more than 50,000 followers. Not only this, you gain an additional 50,000 from our 120 partner followers that have more than 3,000 friends of their own. This partnership expands your reach by more than 200,000 impressions. Studies indicate that people have a higher rate of response to offers presented 4 – 6 times over a course of 3 months.

E-Blast             $99.00 one blast

$250.00/mo. 4 blasts per month ($41.67 ea.) (Discounts for multiple blasts)

SPMG Media targets… consumers, small businesses, large corporations, radio stations, press and media, bloggers and more! We have over 1,400,000+ subscribers. We get your message seen by those you need to see it!

Press Release  $150.00 Written & Distributed

 A press release, news release, media release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media or other target audience for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. Our press releases are faxed/e-mailed to assignment editors and journalists at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, online media, television stations or television networks and bloggers.

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